About Us

Papa’s in the Kitchen is a genuine mom and pop business owned by husband and wife duo; Chef Jason Cousins and WHOLEistic Health and Life Coach, Byata Cousins.

It was love at first bite when they met in 2006 in NYC. On their first date, Chef Jason prepared a dinner for two and the rest was history…

Meet The Chef

Chef Jason is a self taught chef whose passion and inspiration for cooking began when he was a little boy watching his mother prepare dinner with immense joy every night for her family of 7. His mothers Italian roots along with his father’s Jamaican descent, instilled a deep connection in him for cooking with great flavor and soul.

Today he is an immaculate Chef with over 15 years of experience in the food industry. He worked at several restaurants in New York City before relocating to Los Angeles in 2008. Once in LA, Jason worked as a cook in some of the finest restaurants such as Nobu, Mozza, and The Little Door. He then ventured off and became a personal chef for entertainment industry clients, and began catering commercials and films for various production companies.

Chef Jason’s love for cooking shines through in every dish he creates…he can truly captivate any palate!

Meet The Coach

Throughout her life, Byata has been on a journey of self discovery and healing. From dealing with issues such as addiction, eating disorders, being overweight, and later in life struggling with postpartum depression; she was given the tools and will power to manifest a life for herself that she knew she deserved.

Byata experimented with different diets, lifestyles and spiritual teachings to find one that worked for her. She truly became inspired and motivated to live holistic when she became pregnant with her first child. She finally understood the concept that the body is our temple and it must be nourished by LIVING WHOLE: MIND, BODY & SOUL!

Understanding the benefits of living a holistic, non gmo, organic lifestyle seemed crucial to her and her growing family from that point on. She began her quest in all things holistic; diet, medicine, exercise, meditation, and so on. In 2016 she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition becoming a certified Integrative Holistic Health and Life Coach; a title she coined WHOLEistic Coach!

Byata decided to merge her passion for this lifestyle along with her husband’s passion for cooking and create a company that could inspire people to live and eat healthy as well.  

As Byata likes to say, Papa’s in the Kitchen and Mama’s in the House!

Our Story



It was destiny that brought Chef Jason and Byata together but passion for food, health, and life is what keeps them going strong. Today they stand solid with a loyal client base that continues to grow regularly through word of mouth. Their integrity speaks volumes in not only their food but in their customer service as well.  Understanding that there is no one diet fits all in this world, Papa’s in the Kitchen has created a unique system of caring for each client’s bio-individual needs. Their goal is to make the world a healthier and happier place one client at a time!

Papa's in the Kitchen

Papa’s in the Kitchen is a genuine mom and pop business owned by husband and wife duo; Chef Jason Cousins and WHOLEistic Health and Life Coach, Byata Cousins. 

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